Treasure Bathers

Leave means leave!

Being beckoned back to Olegs, the party heads back to re-group – literally. J’hager, Gott, TheHoly & Rogar gather together and are (yet again) approached by Akiros, who explains that there is a ‘rabble-rouser’ who has been causing a commotion among the people. (Mike – FYI, this will be occurring during the most current month). The charismatic orator arrived a day after the the party last left town and has been giving speeches criticizing and denigrating the leadership and their actions. More and more of the townsfolk are gathering to hear him talk, and he has been building a wellspring of support among the disaffected settlers in the town. Akiros was able to give you the name of the orator – Grigori.

The party immediately approached the small market square where a short portly fellow is giving a speech to a group gathered at the market. As the group approaches, Grigori turns the crowd’s attention to the band of leaders and that the leaders have finally arrived and it is time to make them account for their indiscretions. Grigori continues, he points to the gathering that the party is back, probably from getting rich seeking adventure and fame, while you the people SLAVE away and build an empire for THEM. TheHoly (of course sympathetic to the plight of the normal folk) steps forward and opens up his coin purse and tosses the croud some copper and silver coins. Grigori, immediately takes advantage of the situation and notes that your leaders are make you look like beggars, sparing a few copper pieces for the poor. Do you really want to be treated like this!!!!!

Trying to prevent things from taking a turn for the worse, Rogar steps in and tries to talk Grigori down through diplomacy but things get worse when (correct me if I am wrong), TheHoly proceeds to try and perform a juggling act, which never really gets off the ground, and just gives Grigori EVEN MORE ammunition. “Look, see what your leaders portray, a bunch of bumbling idiots. Is that REALLY what you want to do with your life, you are smarter than that, don’t spend your life for leaders such as this!!!”. The party realized that it was time to step away from this war and regroup, the damage had already been done (-2 unrest) and they were getting nowhere. There is more pressing exploration and kingdom building to be done and they will be back to deal with Grigori.

Off the party set to explore more of the Narlmarches. Heading west from the encounter with the Gnome expedition, the Murque River makes a sharp bend along the groups travel then widens into a deep pool dotted with lily pads and fringed with waving reeds. Several freshly felled trees lay beside their stumps on the shore of the pool, their crowns dangling in the water among fading tendrils of mist. Breaking this serenity was a confrontation between a comely fey creature in the pool and a group of loggers. The fey creature demanded that the loggers cease their defamation of the sacred forest, and the loggers led by Corax complains bitterly about how hard it is for “a decent man to make a living with all of these damnable fairies in the woods.” Proving quite a bit more successful this time around in negotiations the group directs Corax and the loggers to a alternate location closer to Olegs where they can ply their trade. J’hager realizes that she can user the Feather Token: Tree to instantly replace 1 of the 5 trees that the loggers have chopped down. The party promises to return soon and plant the rest of the trees to restore the local forest.

The next day, the party heads south and come upon a crazy hermit and his rag-tag puma. After a bit of a discussion the hermit entices Rogar to come talk with him .. ALONE. The group being every wary suspected something was up, but kept their distance while Rogar approached the hermit. After a quick (suspected) sneak attack, the party chased the hermit (for what seemed forever). Finally running him down, to ensure that he won’t be a problem for anyone else. Party also walks away with a +1 Leather, +1 whip & +1 ring of protection.

Now for the BEST part of the night (from a DM’s perspective anyways). The group headed east to the shores of the Tuskwaterlake and came across dilapidated mud-brick hut squats atop a small hummock in the middle of a fetid marsh. A wooden fence surrounding the perimeter of the mound is festooned with crude fetishes crafted out of sticks, feathers, and animal bones. Being a polite group, they rang the bell at the gate entrance. A greenish skinned O.L.D ratchity woman peers through a small window, demanding what they want. Poor diplomacy results in the woman demanding that they leave immediately. Heeding her requests to go away, they continue to advance up to a scarecrow in the middle of the path to the hut. Another round of diplomacy results in the same request. TheHoly asks to buy the hut (hoping to catch her off guard) & Gott advances which draws the ire of the newly animated scarecrow; the party is not surprised by this…

So to make a long story short – after a Deep Slumber, Slow, Entagle, Scare, Ray of Enfeeblement, and another Deep slumber we have the following states:
TheHoly – Slowed, entangled and enfeebled (-6 str), moving @ 5’
J’hager – Entangled, Shaken, moving @ 5’ away from the caster
Rogar – Entangled, Shaken, Prone, Slowed , moving 0’
Gott – Sleeping in the hut.
Female caster – Picking up valuables and leaving.

After a few minutes the spells start to wear off and the group spends a well-deserved night in their new mud hut.

Continuing on the group heads south west along the shores of the Tuskwater and Candlemere lake and arrive at the location of the Lizard village (location marked on the map from the Hill Giant Muguk). With fifty feet of water separating the island from both the north and south riverbanks, and the palisade being 10’ above the water there was little means for the party to access this location. Marking the exact location on the map, they wisely chose to tackle this area another day.

Awaking the next day the party decided to make heed to the Abandoned keep (ocation marked on the map from the Hill Giant Muguk). On their way to the keep the party entered a clearing which a Huge tree awoke in their presence and swung massive scythe like branches. The party of fighters had little problem with the tree. For their effort the group found a Robe of Bones…

Just a bit more exploring...

Resting up after an unsuccessful attempt at saving a gnome caravans cart the party pressed off and headed back to Oleg’s. Upon arrival Akiros requested an audiance and the party was informed of a grisly pair of murders that had gone on the 2 days pervious. The results of the investigation were slim : the bodies had been mutilated and partially eaten. Tracks leading away from one of the scene showed paw prints but then the tracks were lost. It was also the last evening of a full moon….

The group planned a trap that evening, sacrificing a goat (for the greater good) to lure whatever monster was doing the killing. The trap was set and the wait was on. In the early morning – it happened – just not where they were expecting. There was a scream – but in a barn 740 feet away. Hashiz quickly summoned a riding horse and J’hager jumped on and sprinted over, the rest ran as quickly as they could over to the fight. 2 rounds later the horse and passengers arrived – with a bit of a disagreement on where to stop. Hashiz planted the horse right in the middle of the open barn door and both early arrivers were surprised at the Werewolf staring them down. A couple early greataxe swings by the werewolf brought Hashiz to his knees, but in the end the werewolf was no match and eventually was defeated. The blanket of fear that the murders had placed on Olegs was immediately lifted. Life returned to normal.

The TB’s found a posting for the Head of a large Winter wolf plaguing the southern Kamelands, and the party realized – they had already defeated the monster. Off they set to claim the head of the beast to bring back for reward.

With a Winter wolf head in hand the party headed south and after a couple of hexes of nothing they party came across a narrow opening in a crag leading to a area that looked to have old crates and supplies. J’hager moved in with Hashiz as they heard a female whimpering for help behind the crates in the back. Unexpectedly failing a will saving throw Hashiz took extra steps right to the back of the crag where he saw nothing. Surprised from behind a Leucrotta attacked Finn. The rest of the battle went without a hitch as the party defeated the Leucrotta and walked away with a nice blue scale breastplate and a blue scale heavy shield.

After a couple days of unventful travel along the east shores of the Tuskwater lake the party came across a strange, 20-foot-wide pool of bubbling mud that sat in a narrow defile between several hills that gave off a foul smell. Surrounding the mud were several large mounds of fungus. Not wanting to get sick, the party continued on south along the shoes of Tuskwater and Candlemere lake.

The next day the party explored the Southern-most section of the Kamelands and stumbled upon Munguk (a hill giant). Wallowing in his wolfberry moonshine, he wanted nothing to do with the group. Gott, being the only member to speak Giant, diplomatically turned the Giant hostile. With a charge from the Giant straight at Gott surprised the group. Jhod used one of his 9 lives as the Giant missed him with a Cleave .. else he would have been done for. The party subdued Munguk and it pleaded for his life to be spared. In return for the compassion, the party was given the locations for a Lizard village (west of Candlemere lake), mean ugly troll men (36 miles west of Munguk) and a Ruined Keep located deep in the Narlmarches to the Northwest. In parting, Muguk made a promise to head south and never be seen again and to the parties surprise handed the group a wand of hideous laughter and a Necklace of Fireballs (Type II).

On the final day before heading back the party headed east and came across a T where the Shrike river meets the Little Sellen River. The area had half-collapsed, rotting wooden buildings stand on each bank. The party was able to make a Intelligence check and found that this might be a greate spot to establish a Pier in a city should it ever be build in this hex.

DM’s note – there may have been a Wyvern fight in this session which was pretty entertaining, unless you were TheHoly – who spent the entire combat starting into the gullet of the beast

Build the Kingdom, now lets get back at it...

After defeating the Stag Lord, a new charter was presented to the Treasure Bathers from the Dragonscale Thron. The charter bestowed the right to rule and build their own kingdom. As a sign of good faith, The Dragonscale Throne granted the fledgling rulers a following of laborers, resources and money. With that Olegs Trading post was claimed as the new capital city and the new kingdom of “Ba Sing Se” as formed. During the next successive months of quick expansion (3 claimed hexs and 1 city district) the Hashiz and Co. started appreciate the skill required in balancing resources, expansion and keeping your people happy.

After a one year break from adventuring, the Treasure bathers were ready to set out and seek some adventure. With a partial group composed of H’gher, Gott, Finn and Rogar and The Holy, they set out to the south to explore and expand their small empire.

From the Stag Lords fort, the party tracked east and were ambused by a trio of wolves and a worg wolf that seemed to be the pack leader. The party was able to easily handle the animals.

The next day the party continued their trek east. A very lucky perception check revealed a cracin the side of a hill that led into the barrow mound’s interior. The first chamber contained some bats that continued to harrass the party into the interior of the barrow. The next circular chamber contained 4 exits and 4 large monsterous faces carved from stone which leered and grimaces from each of the walls between the tunnel entrances. Out of each of the tunnels rushed numerous skeleteons. Rogar suprised the group with how efficiently he was able to dispatch these skeletons, but were also surprised when Got triggered a trap. Black tendrisl of mist were exhaled from the stone faces and exausted Gott and H’gher. Out of one of the passages a Cairn wight arose. Finn was able to trap the Wight in a pit for 2-3 rounds while the party was able to prepare and clean up the skeletal minions. The wight was able to climb out of the pit (2 successful climb checks), and the real battle ensured. After a long battle (wight had a high AC), the wight was defeated and the party was rewarded with a fantastic +2 broken fey bane bastard sword.

The next day after H’gher recovered from a level drain the party set out south and was able to find a ford in the Gurdin River which crosses its length.

Heading back west the searched the shores of the Tuskwater lake and were surprised by a nice and powerfull random encouter provided by Finn. During the day of searching the shores a monster approched from the sky. From behind, and with only H’jager paying attention again a Wyvern struck from above. Taking a shot from the air then circling back to land next to TheHoly – the battle began… the Grapple Battle. In a tug of war, the Wyvern would bite and grapple and TheHoly would break out, but he would see the inside of the Wyverns mount on 2 or 3 more occasions. While TheHoly had the Wyvern distracted ,the rest of the party threw all they could at it over the next few rounds and defeated it.

Continuing the trek west the party stubled upon a gnome caravan, which was just visible through the trees. A small wagon sat mired in the middle of a swiftly flowing river. Two ponies remain hitched to the wagon, flounder in the swirling waters, close to panicking. TheHoly and H’gher rushed to the wagon, realizing that to move the wagon, the ponies must be unhitched. H’gher sucessfully released the ponies, and worked with TheHoly to move the wagon to saftey. After a couple of very good efforts the water became too much for the wagon and overwhelmed the interior. With the added weight the wood gave way and broke apart – it and its contents melted into the river and was swept away – probably to the final resting spot somewhere in the Tuskwater lake….. The gnomes stood agast and demoralized at the loss of their wagon…..

Now we are starting to explore

The party set out to on a quest to explore without Roose and Gott. Heading NE, they enter the norther tip of the Nalmarches forest and within hours start stumbling upon a trap filled glade. Only H’gher makes a bad timed stet into one of the bear traps. Taking only nominal damage and spotting the rest of the traps the party came across, the party continued to explore.

A couple days of exploration later, the party comes accross a barbarian cairn amid a overgrown section of blackberries. Under the cairn they find a grave of what looked to be a barbarian. Toppling the stones and digging to the body below (DM made the mistake and assumed that the party was a bunch of grave robbers). Exuming the body the group was well rewarded for the 1/2 hour of work with a Ring of Swimming .

Re-entering the Nalmarches forest the group comes upon a deadfall trap along the south side of the Thorn River. Searching the area they find a human body that looked to have pinned to the ground by several lart logs. Not far from the outsteached hand of the crushed body the party finds a well made handaxe. The party continues to collect the free loot. Settling in and resting for the night the party notices that they have now possibly gained the attention of some local fey creatures. H’gher was able to spot a small cricket looking creature, but it disappeared as soon as it locked eyes with H’gher.

The next days, the harrasment continued as after a long day of travel, Stan realizes that only 3 of his arrows are left in his multiple quivers. One of the party members made their check and realized that if it was fey creatures doing this to them, then gifts might be required to stop the pestering. Each member tried their hand at leaving a ‘gift’, some more valuable then others.

The next day the thick tangle of brambles gave way into a large clearing in the woods, this was the Temple that Jhod had told them about. The wester face of the clearing was dominated by a looming, upthrust ridge of rock, nearly 300 feet across and rising to a moss-topped height of 100feet at the center. The side of the towering boulder facing the clearing had been carved in the likeness of a immense elk. This looked to be the lost shrine of Erastil. Protected by a insane grizzly bear, the party was attacked. Stanley take the brunt of the wrath of the bear but the party bests the beast without too much trouble. With the guardian slain the beasts form collapses in on itself, transforming first into a incredibly old humand man with a look of peace in its eyes, then moments later crumbling into a skeleton and thence to dust. Immediately the entire shrine becomes vibrant and colorful and the algae infused pool becomes crystal clear. Finding that the pool has a conjuration (healing) aura, the water is found to act like a cure light wounds potion.

For the final encounter of the evening, the party stumbles into the bandits camp. The bandit camp consisted of 10 bandits and what looked to be their leader Kressle. H’gher and Kressle tagged up and layed into each other. Rogar was swarmmed by the bandits but with the high AC, the bandits had a tought time laying any metal on him. Stanley continued to take out bandits from afar. Hash, proceeded to harass a bandit up in the trees and eventually defeat him. Finn, continued to utilize the Wand of MM effectively and take out bandits at will. After a good fight Rogar healed up the unconcious H’gher and for their troubles they found another potion of CLWs and 2 more MW handaxes.

The party now just has to head back to Oleg’s to collect thier reward for solving the bandit problem and guide Jhod back to the Shrine of Erastil.

Oh, and everyone gets experience to get to level 3.

Call it Epic - in so many ways...

… we continue on ….
After re-entering the Old Sicamore Tree on a new quest to recover the Soothscales totem and fighting 5 giant centipedes and a loley mite, the party ventured down the switchback hole at the far end of the 30’ long ~4 foot high under ground tunnel.

Immediately the group is met by 12 mites who where none-to-pleased with the intruders. Immediately the mites charged to block any progress made by the “big baddies”. After a short combat and 3 mites retreating past the grease mark left by Hashiz, the party rounded the next corner and felt the “DOOM !!”

Dooms flew like there was no tomorrow, and in the first round Stanley BLEW one of them away into tomorrow. How appropriate. Maybe it was a positive Friday, but after a couple rounds of a good DOOM’ing, only Roose felt the DOOM. Roose then tries to inform the mites that they are not that smart and shouldn’t be positioned like they are. They yell back “Hey Kettle, your BLACK!”

Roose : INT 8, WIS 12
Mite : INT 8, WIS 13 … point goes to the mites.

…. Fast forward .. (the 10 foot of stairs and 3 eagles in the morgue later we are at …)

4th round – TICK arrives (Bad news)
4th round – Roose says something about being 1st level. Roose should stop METAGAMING and concentrate.

5th round – Party Status – J’ager goes in for the kill on the TICK… sorry that is J’ager going to get killed by the TICK (sorry). After a unsuccessfull bite n’grab on Gott the previous round the TICK turns his attention to J’ager with both a bite n’grab. There is no worries though – she is RAGING….

6th round – Well all i can say is there were 10 misses and Finn casting Shield. 10 minutes we will all never get back…

7th round – Excitement – Gott unconcious – note that Gott was hit 3 times this encounter and 2 were for criticals, J’ager unconcious, and as for Rogar – this was the3rd of his 9 misses. Yes 9 misses and 0 (zero) hits. Finn on the other hand has charges to burn and that is what the mites did.

8th round – TICK is defeated

.. fast forward..

11th round – Stanley goes unconcious, and Finn keeps the Burn going

… fast forward..

13th round – Rogar completes the impossible – 9 of 9 misses.

14th round – And this the final Burning hands for this Encounter the last of the mites hit the ground.

A complete loot of the place and a recovery of the stolen totem the party returns to the Soothscales tribe to collect their reward from the Chief. With a little hesitation the totem is handed over in exchange for what ends up being a Amulet of Natural Armor +1, Chief Soothscale. Not seconds later, the totem lay on the ground in a thousand pieces. The chief, with newfound confidence charges into the “small” caves yet again decrying Death to the “bad guy” (don’t have the book in front of me and the battery is dying).

The party with reckless abandon charges in afterwards (taking care not to fall into the pit traps). What they find inside, the is the Chief attacking a Shaman like kobold who he calls Tartuk. After a couple good shots buy the Chief on Tartuk, the Shaman starts singing lulabys over and over again. Roose again proclaims something about how many Lulabyes Tartuk can cast, then promplty goes to sleep.

Finally in a desperate attempt to flee, Tartuk tries to use a escape route and gets intercepted by Stanley. “Oh Shit”. In the last attempt to make it, Tartuk casts Deep slumber around himself, but finds that the only person that goes to sleep – is himself.

The party collects their treasure, gets their reward and heads back home to Oleg’s Trading post to have some of Svetlana’s Moon Radish soup…. :-)

Defending the Fort

On the 24th day of April, each one of you was given the Charter o explore the Greenbelt from the Regent of the Dragonscale Throne. The party arrived at Oleg’s Trading and met the owners Oleg and Svetlana Leveton. Throughout the evening the Levetons informed the PC’s that a group of bandits was about to arrive the next morning.

The PC’s worked with the Levetons and setup a plan and ambush the bandits over the evening. After a good night of prep and a hearty stew and wine for dinner the PCs, settled in for the evening. The next morning the bandits arrived as expected and the party plan worked as expected. They took the leader of this motley group (Happs) prisoner, but were unable to coerce any valuable information from him. The party handed over a yet again unconcious Happs, to Oleg, who promptly dragged the bandit up to the south palisage and proceeded to hang him over the side as a warning to any other bandits who think that this outpost is a easy target.

The next morning, the party set out to track the bandits back to their camp and teach them some of their own medicine.

….. 10 minutes later… back at Oleg’s Trading post…..

The same morning, the party sets out to export the wilderness. They head directly south (east) to maybe find Bokken, a mad hermit that Svetlana said brought potions to them for sale every-so-often.

A horse size giant spider (width wise) was proud to be the parties first real encounter. Using the cover of 2 trapdoors the spider gave the party a run for their money, but Finn just overpowered the vermin with 2 very successful toothpicks to the brain.

Finding, what looked to be a treasure map the party be-lined it the next day straight to where the X marked the spot. The party spent the next while searching for the “treasure” and Stanley got lucky and noticed a disturbed patch of earth where Jaq. started digging. 10 minutes later they hit the jackpot and found a Wand of Burning Hands… and a nice dagger.

PCs spent one more day exploring the current plot of land on the map, but not finding anything more, settled down for the evening.

The next morning, they expored the next plot of land and came upon the Shrike River. Unable to traverse the massive width of this river they decided to explore its banks. Not too long after they came upon a collapsed bridge and noticed the crumbled remains of a burntdown building on the southside of the Shrike River. Noticing a sign saying “Nettles Crossing — 5 coppers — ring bell for service” the party did as they were told. (such a polite group).

For their troubles, a obviously long-dead man, flesh putrescent and a dripping trident clutched in his hands. With his gaze he immediately causes Mikes character to become shaken. Roose lets off a shot that surpises the undead creature – a critical, not even this undead realized he could get criticaled. Alas, the undead did not worry too much as the following round, he healed right up. The unknown undead followed up with a surprising 10’ trident attack that seemed to the party that even the river was against them helping the undead creature. All the while the undead creature kept repeating “you are not my tormenters, Throw the Stag Lord’s body into the river that I may look upon his death, or join me instead” (he may have paraphrased this during the heat of the battle, but is making up for it here)

Wisdom set in at this point and the party started to talk about being 1st level and why would this undead be attacking them. Almost as if the undead cared… Then wisdom set in again and rather then pleading their case to the undead creature, they initiated a order retreat.

Rather than rest up the party decided to continue their exploration by following the Shrike River to the southwest. Find a non-well hidden small cave that seemed to have more than a couple tracks in-and-out of it. Hashish, brought a flying firebeetle into this world which traveled down the very small cave walking and fell down a trapdoor. Jaqeln H’gher, squezzed into the cave and found a small badly beaten creature. Here next action was to rip the top right off of the cage/jail that the small creature was enclosed in, and grabbed the creature by the scruff of the neck.

Marks character hears scuttling sounds in the darkness just down the hallway just 15 feet away .. and around a corner. If only the cave wasn’t 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide………

To be continued……

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