Treasure Bathers

Build the Kingdom, now lets get back at it...

After defeating the Stag Lord, a new charter was presented to the Treasure Bathers from the Dragonscale Thron. The charter bestowed the right to rule and build their own kingdom. As a sign of good faith, The Dragonscale Throne granted the fledgling rulers a following of laborers, resources and money. With that Olegs Trading post was claimed as the new capital city and the new kingdom of “Ba Sing Se” as formed. During the next successive months of quick expansion (3 claimed hexs and 1 city district) the Hashiz and Co. started appreciate the skill required in balancing resources, expansion and keeping your people happy.

After a one year break from adventuring, the Treasure bathers were ready to set out and seek some adventure. With a partial group composed of H’gher, Gott, Finn and Rogar and The Holy, they set out to the south to explore and expand their small empire.

From the Stag Lords fort, the party tracked east and were ambused by a trio of wolves and a worg wolf that seemed to be the pack leader. The party was able to easily handle the animals.

The next day the party continued their trek east. A very lucky perception check revealed a cracin the side of a hill that led into the barrow mound’s interior. The first chamber contained some bats that continued to harrass the party into the interior of the barrow. The next circular chamber contained 4 exits and 4 large monsterous faces carved from stone which leered and grimaces from each of the walls between the tunnel entrances. Out of each of the tunnels rushed numerous skeleteons. Rogar suprised the group with how efficiently he was able to dispatch these skeletons, but were also surprised when Got triggered a trap. Black tendrisl of mist were exhaled from the stone faces and exausted Gott and H’gher. Out of one of the passages a Cairn wight arose. Finn was able to trap the Wight in a pit for 2-3 rounds while the party was able to prepare and clean up the skeletal minions. The wight was able to climb out of the pit (2 successful climb checks), and the real battle ensured. After a long battle (wight had a high AC), the wight was defeated and the party was rewarded with a fantastic +2 broken fey bane bastard sword.

The next day after H’gher recovered from a level drain the party set out south and was able to find a ford in the Gurdin River which crosses its length.

Heading back west the searched the shores of the Tuskwater lake and were surprised by a nice and powerfull random encouter provided by Finn. During the day of searching the shores a monster approched from the sky. From behind, and with only H’jager paying attention again a Wyvern struck from above. Taking a shot from the air then circling back to land next to TheHoly – the battle began… the Grapple Battle. In a tug of war, the Wyvern would bite and grapple and TheHoly would break out, but he would see the inside of the Wyverns mount on 2 or 3 more occasions. While TheHoly had the Wyvern distracted ,the rest of the party threw all they could at it over the next few rounds and defeated it.

Continuing the trek west the party stubled upon a gnome caravan, which was just visible through the trees. A small wagon sat mired in the middle of a swiftly flowing river. Two ponies remain hitched to the wagon, flounder in the swirling waters, close to panicking. TheHoly and H’gher rushed to the wagon, realizing that to move the wagon, the ponies must be unhitched. H’gher sucessfully released the ponies, and worked with TheHoly to move the wagon to saftey. After a couple of very good efforts the water became too much for the wagon and overwhelmed the interior. With the added weight the wood gave way and broke apart – it and its contents melted into the river and was swept away – probably to the final resting spot somewhere in the Tuskwater lake….. The gnomes stood agast and demoralized at the loss of their wagon…..



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