Treasure Bathers

Call it Epic - in so many ways...

… we continue on ….
After re-entering the Old Sicamore Tree on a new quest to recover the Soothscales totem and fighting 5 giant centipedes and a loley mite, the party ventured down the switchback hole at the far end of the 30’ long ~4 foot high under ground tunnel.

Immediately the group is met by 12 mites who where none-to-pleased with the intruders. Immediately the mites charged to block any progress made by the “big baddies”. After a short combat and 3 mites retreating past the grease mark left by Hashiz, the party rounded the next corner and felt the “DOOM !!”

Dooms flew like there was no tomorrow, and in the first round Stanley BLEW one of them away into tomorrow. How appropriate. Maybe it was a positive Friday, but after a couple rounds of a good DOOM’ing, only Roose felt the DOOM. Roose then tries to inform the mites that they are not that smart and shouldn’t be positioned like they are. They yell back “Hey Kettle, your BLACK!”

Roose : INT 8, WIS 12
Mite : INT 8, WIS 13 … point goes to the mites.

…. Fast forward .. (the 10 foot of stairs and 3 eagles in the morgue later we are at …)

4th round – TICK arrives (Bad news)
4th round – Roose says something about being 1st level. Roose should stop METAGAMING and concentrate.

5th round – Party Status – J’ager goes in for the kill on the TICK… sorry that is J’ager going to get killed by the TICK (sorry). After a unsuccessfull bite n’grab on Gott the previous round the TICK turns his attention to J’ager with both a bite n’grab. There is no worries though – she is RAGING….

6th round – Well all i can say is there were 10 misses and Finn casting Shield. 10 minutes we will all never get back…

7th round – Excitement – Gott unconcious – note that Gott was hit 3 times this encounter and 2 were for criticals, J’ager unconcious, and as for Rogar – this was the3rd of his 9 misses. Yes 9 misses and 0 (zero) hits. Finn on the other hand has charges to burn and that is what the mites did.

8th round – TICK is defeated

.. fast forward..

11th round – Stanley goes unconcious, and Finn keeps the Burn going

… fast forward..

13th round – Rogar completes the impossible – 9 of 9 misses.

14th round – And this the final Burning hands for this Encounter the last of the mites hit the ground.

A complete loot of the place and a recovery of the stolen totem the party returns to the Soothscales tribe to collect their reward from the Chief. With a little hesitation the totem is handed over in exchange for what ends up being a Amulet of Natural Armor +1, Chief Soothscale. Not seconds later, the totem lay on the ground in a thousand pieces. The chief, with newfound confidence charges into the “small” caves yet again decrying Death to the “bad guy” (don’t have the book in front of me and the battery is dying).

The party with reckless abandon charges in afterwards (taking care not to fall into the pit traps). What they find inside, the is the Chief attacking a Shaman like kobold who he calls Tartuk. After a couple good shots buy the Chief on Tartuk, the Shaman starts singing lulabys over and over again. Roose again proclaims something about how many Lulabyes Tartuk can cast, then promplty goes to sleep.

Finally in a desperate attempt to flee, Tartuk tries to use a escape route and gets intercepted by Stanley. “Oh Shit”. In the last attempt to make it, Tartuk casts Deep slumber around himself, but finds that the only person that goes to sleep – is himself.

The party collects their treasure, gets their reward and heads back home to Oleg’s Trading post to have some of Svetlana’s Moon Radish soup…. :-)


H’ghar jason H’ghar………

Call it Epic - in so many ways...

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