Treasure Bathers

Defending the Fort

On the 24th day of April, each one of you was given the Charter o explore the Greenbelt from the Regent of the Dragonscale Throne. The party arrived at Oleg’s Trading and met the owners Oleg and Svetlana Leveton. Throughout the evening the Levetons informed the PC’s that a group of bandits was about to arrive the next morning.

The PC’s worked with the Levetons and setup a plan and ambush the bandits over the evening. After a good night of prep and a hearty stew and wine for dinner the PCs, settled in for the evening. The next morning the bandits arrived as expected and the party plan worked as expected. They took the leader of this motley group (Happs) prisoner, but were unable to coerce any valuable information from him. The party handed over a yet again unconcious Happs, to Oleg, who promptly dragged the bandit up to the south palisage and proceeded to hang him over the side as a warning to any other bandits who think that this outpost is a easy target.

The next morning, the party set out to track the bandits back to their camp and teach them some of their own medicine.

….. 10 minutes later… back at Oleg’s Trading post…..

The same morning, the party sets out to export the wilderness. They head directly south (east) to maybe find Bokken, a mad hermit that Svetlana said brought potions to them for sale every-so-often.

A horse size giant spider (width wise) was proud to be the parties first real encounter. Using the cover of 2 trapdoors the spider gave the party a run for their money, but Finn just overpowered the vermin with 2 very successful toothpicks to the brain.

Finding, what looked to be a treasure map the party be-lined it the next day straight to where the X marked the spot. The party spent the next while searching for the “treasure” and Stanley got lucky and noticed a disturbed patch of earth where Jaq. started digging. 10 minutes later they hit the jackpot and found a Wand of Burning Hands… and a nice dagger.

PCs spent one more day exploring the current plot of land on the map, but not finding anything more, settled down for the evening.

The next morning, they expored the next plot of land and came upon the Shrike River. Unable to traverse the massive width of this river they decided to explore its banks. Not too long after they came upon a collapsed bridge and noticed the crumbled remains of a burntdown building on the southside of the Shrike River. Noticing a sign saying “Nettles Crossing — 5 coppers — ring bell for service” the party did as they were told. (such a polite group).

For their troubles, a obviously long-dead man, flesh putrescent and a dripping trident clutched in his hands. With his gaze he immediately causes Mikes character to become shaken. Roose lets off a shot that surpises the undead creature – a critical, not even this undead realized he could get criticaled. Alas, the undead did not worry too much as the following round, he healed right up. The unknown undead followed up with a surprising 10’ trident attack that seemed to the party that even the river was against them helping the undead creature. All the while the undead creature kept repeating “you are not my tormenters, Throw the Stag Lord’s body into the river that I may look upon his death, or join me instead” (he may have paraphrased this during the heat of the battle, but is making up for it here)

Wisdom set in at this point and the party started to talk about being 1st level and why would this undead be attacking them. Almost as if the undead cared… Then wisdom set in again and rather then pleading their case to the undead creature, they initiated a order retreat.

Rather than rest up the party decided to continue their exploration by following the Shrike River to the southwest. Find a non-well hidden small cave that seemed to have more than a couple tracks in-and-out of it. Hashish, brought a flying firebeetle into this world which traveled down the very small cave walking and fell down a trapdoor. Jaqeln H’gher, squezzed into the cave and found a small badly beaten creature. Here next action was to rip the top right off of the cage/jail that the small creature was enclosed in, and grabbed the creature by the scruff of the neck.

Marks character hears scuttling sounds in the darkness just down the hallway just 15 feet away .. and around a corner. If only the cave wasn’t 4 feet tall and 3 feet wide………

To be continued……


“marks character”… sheesh… i have it up on here jason, come on!

Defending the Fort

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