Treasure Bathers

Just a bit more exploring...

Resting up after an unsuccessful attempt at saving a gnome caravans cart the party pressed off and headed back to Oleg’s. Upon arrival Akiros requested an audiance and the party was informed of a grisly pair of murders that had gone on the 2 days pervious. The results of the investigation were slim : the bodies had been mutilated and partially eaten. Tracks leading away from one of the scene showed paw prints but then the tracks were lost. It was also the last evening of a full moon….

The group planned a trap that evening, sacrificing a goat (for the greater good) to lure whatever monster was doing the killing. The trap was set and the wait was on. In the early morning – it happened – just not where they were expecting. There was a scream – but in a barn 740 feet away. Hashiz quickly summoned a riding horse and J’hager jumped on and sprinted over, the rest ran as quickly as they could over to the fight. 2 rounds later the horse and passengers arrived – with a bit of a disagreement on where to stop. Hashiz planted the horse right in the middle of the open barn door and both early arrivers were surprised at the Werewolf staring them down. A couple early greataxe swings by the werewolf brought Hashiz to his knees, but in the end the werewolf was no match and eventually was defeated. The blanket of fear that the murders had placed on Olegs was immediately lifted. Life returned to normal.

The TB’s found a posting for the Head of a large Winter wolf plaguing the southern Kamelands, and the party realized – they had already defeated the monster. Off they set to claim the head of the beast to bring back for reward.

With a Winter wolf head in hand the party headed south and after a couple of hexes of nothing they party came across a narrow opening in a crag leading to a area that looked to have old crates and supplies. J’hager moved in with Hashiz as they heard a female whimpering for help behind the crates in the back. Unexpectedly failing a will saving throw Hashiz took extra steps right to the back of the crag where he saw nothing. Surprised from behind a Leucrotta attacked Finn. The rest of the battle went without a hitch as the party defeated the Leucrotta and walked away with a nice blue scale breastplate and a blue scale heavy shield.

After a couple days of unventful travel along the east shores of the Tuskwater lake the party came across a strange, 20-foot-wide pool of bubbling mud that sat in a narrow defile between several hills that gave off a foul smell. Surrounding the mud were several large mounds of fungus. Not wanting to get sick, the party continued on south along the shoes of Tuskwater and Candlemere lake.

The next day the party explored the Southern-most section of the Kamelands and stumbled upon Munguk (a hill giant). Wallowing in his wolfberry moonshine, he wanted nothing to do with the group. Gott, being the only member to speak Giant, diplomatically turned the Giant hostile. With a charge from the Giant straight at Gott surprised the group. Jhod used one of his 9 lives as the Giant missed him with a Cleave .. else he would have been done for. The party subdued Munguk and it pleaded for his life to be spared. In return for the compassion, the party was given the locations for a Lizard village (west of Candlemere lake), mean ugly troll men (36 miles west of Munguk) and a Ruined Keep located deep in the Narlmarches to the Northwest. In parting, Muguk made a promise to head south and never be seen again and to the parties surprise handed the group a wand of hideous laughter and a Necklace of Fireballs (Type II).

On the final day before heading back the party headed east and came across a T where the Shrike river meets the Little Sellen River. The area had half-collapsed, rotting wooden buildings stand on each bank. The party was able to make a Intelligence check and found that this might be a greate spot to establish a Pier in a city should it ever be build in this hex.

DM’s note – there may have been a Wyvern fight in this session which was pretty entertaining, unless you were TheHoly – who spent the entire combat starting into the gullet of the beast



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