Treasure Bathers

Leave means leave!

Being beckoned back to Olegs, the party heads back to re-group – literally. J’hager, Gott, TheHoly & Rogar gather together and are (yet again) approached by Akiros, who explains that there is a ‘rabble-rouser’ who has been causing a commotion among the people. (Mike – FYI, this will be occurring during the most current month). The charismatic orator arrived a day after the the party last left town and has been giving speeches criticizing and denigrating the leadership and their actions. More and more of the townsfolk are gathering to hear him talk, and he has been building a wellspring of support among the disaffected settlers in the town. Akiros was able to give you the name of the orator – Grigori.

The party immediately approached the small market square where a short portly fellow is giving a speech to a group gathered at the market. As the group approaches, Grigori turns the crowd’s attention to the band of leaders and that the leaders have finally arrived and it is time to make them account for their indiscretions. Grigori continues, he points to the gathering that the party is back, probably from getting rich seeking adventure and fame, while you the people SLAVE away and build an empire for THEM. TheHoly (of course sympathetic to the plight of the normal folk) steps forward and opens up his coin purse and tosses the croud some copper and silver coins. Grigori, immediately takes advantage of the situation and notes that your leaders are make you look like beggars, sparing a few copper pieces for the poor. Do you really want to be treated like this!!!!!

Trying to prevent things from taking a turn for the worse, Rogar steps in and tries to talk Grigori down through diplomacy but things get worse when (correct me if I am wrong), TheHoly proceeds to try and perform a juggling act, which never really gets off the ground, and just gives Grigori EVEN MORE ammunition. “Look, see what your leaders portray, a bunch of bumbling idiots. Is that REALLY what you want to do with your life, you are smarter than that, don’t spend your life for leaders such as this!!!”. The party realized that it was time to step away from this war and regroup, the damage had already been done (-2 unrest) and they were getting nowhere. There is more pressing exploration and kingdom building to be done and they will be back to deal with Grigori.

Off the party set to explore more of the Narlmarches. Heading west from the encounter with the Gnome expedition, the Murque River makes a sharp bend along the groups travel then widens into a deep pool dotted with lily pads and fringed with waving reeds. Several freshly felled trees lay beside their stumps on the shore of the pool, their crowns dangling in the water among fading tendrils of mist. Breaking this serenity was a confrontation between a comely fey creature in the pool and a group of loggers. The fey creature demanded that the loggers cease their defamation of the sacred forest, and the loggers led by Corax complains bitterly about how hard it is for “a decent man to make a living with all of these damnable fairies in the woods.” Proving quite a bit more successful this time around in negotiations the group directs Corax and the loggers to a alternate location closer to Olegs where they can ply their trade. J’hager realizes that she can user the Feather Token: Tree to instantly replace 1 of the 5 trees that the loggers have chopped down. The party promises to return soon and plant the rest of the trees to restore the local forest.

The next day, the party heads south and come upon a crazy hermit and his rag-tag puma. After a bit of a discussion the hermit entices Rogar to come talk with him .. ALONE. The group being every wary suspected something was up, but kept their distance while Rogar approached the hermit. After a quick (suspected) sneak attack, the party chased the hermit (for what seemed forever). Finally running him down, to ensure that he won’t be a problem for anyone else. Party also walks away with a +1 Leather, +1 whip & +1 ring of protection.

Now for the BEST part of the night (from a DM’s perspective anyways). The group headed east to the shores of the Tuskwaterlake and came across dilapidated mud-brick hut squats atop a small hummock in the middle of a fetid marsh. A wooden fence surrounding the perimeter of the mound is festooned with crude fetishes crafted out of sticks, feathers, and animal bones. Being a polite group, they rang the bell at the gate entrance. A greenish skinned O.L.D ratchity woman peers through a small window, demanding what they want. Poor diplomacy results in the woman demanding that they leave immediately. Heeding her requests to go away, they continue to advance up to a scarecrow in the middle of the path to the hut. Another round of diplomacy results in the same request. TheHoly asks to buy the hut (hoping to catch her off guard) & Gott advances which draws the ire of the newly animated scarecrow; the party is not surprised by this…

So to make a long story short – after a Deep Slumber, Slow, Entagle, Scare, Ray of Enfeeblement, and another Deep slumber we have the following states:
TheHoly – Slowed, entangled and enfeebled (-6 str), moving @ 5’
J’hager – Entangled, Shaken, moving @ 5’ away from the caster
Rogar – Entangled, Shaken, Prone, Slowed , moving 0’
Gott – Sleeping in the hut.
Female caster – Picking up valuables and leaving.

After a few minutes the spells start to wear off and the group spends a well-deserved night in their new mud hut.

Continuing on the group heads south west along the shores of the Tuskwater and Candlemere lake and arrive at the location of the Lizard village (location marked on the map from the Hill Giant Muguk). With fifty feet of water separating the island from both the north and south riverbanks, and the palisade being 10’ above the water there was little means for the party to access this location. Marking the exact location on the map, they wisely chose to tackle this area another day.

Awaking the next day the party decided to make heed to the Abandoned keep (ocation marked on the map from the Hill Giant Muguk). On their way to the keep the party entered a clearing which a Huge tree awoke in their presence and swung massive scythe like branches. The party of fighters had little problem with the tree. For their effort the group found a Robe of Bones…



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