Treasure Bathers

Now we are starting to explore

The party set out to on a quest to explore without Roose and Gott. Heading NE, they enter the norther tip of the Nalmarches forest and within hours start stumbling upon a trap filled glade. Only H’gher makes a bad timed stet into one of the bear traps. Taking only nominal damage and spotting the rest of the traps the party came across, the party continued to explore.

A couple days of exploration later, the party comes accross a barbarian cairn amid a overgrown section of blackberries. Under the cairn they find a grave of what looked to be a barbarian. Toppling the stones and digging to the body below (DM made the mistake and assumed that the party was a bunch of grave robbers). Exuming the body the group was well rewarded for the 1/2 hour of work with a Ring of Swimming .

Re-entering the Nalmarches forest the group comes upon a deadfall trap along the south side of the Thorn River. Searching the area they find a human body that looked to have pinned to the ground by several lart logs. Not far from the outsteached hand of the crushed body the party finds a well made handaxe. The party continues to collect the free loot. Settling in and resting for the night the party notices that they have now possibly gained the attention of some local fey creatures. H’gher was able to spot a small cricket looking creature, but it disappeared as soon as it locked eyes with H’gher.

The next days, the harrasment continued as after a long day of travel, Stan realizes that only 3 of his arrows are left in his multiple quivers. One of the party members made their check and realized that if it was fey creatures doing this to them, then gifts might be required to stop the pestering. Each member tried their hand at leaving a ‘gift’, some more valuable then others.

The next day the thick tangle of brambles gave way into a large clearing in the woods, this was the Temple that Jhod had told them about. The wester face of the clearing was dominated by a looming, upthrust ridge of rock, nearly 300 feet across and rising to a moss-topped height of 100feet at the center. The side of the towering boulder facing the clearing had been carved in the likeness of a immense elk. This looked to be the lost shrine of Erastil. Protected by a insane grizzly bear, the party was attacked. Stanley take the brunt of the wrath of the bear but the party bests the beast without too much trouble. With the guardian slain the beasts form collapses in on itself, transforming first into a incredibly old humand man with a look of peace in its eyes, then moments later crumbling into a skeleton and thence to dust. Immediately the entire shrine becomes vibrant and colorful and the algae infused pool becomes crystal clear. Finding that the pool has a conjuration (healing) aura, the water is found to act like a cure light wounds potion.

For the final encounter of the evening, the party stumbles into the bandits camp. The bandit camp consisted of 10 bandits and what looked to be their leader Kressle. H’gher and Kressle tagged up and layed into each other. Rogar was swarmmed by the bandits but with the high AC, the bandits had a tought time laying any metal on him. Stanley continued to take out bandits from afar. Hash, proceeded to harass a bandit up in the trees and eventually defeat him. Finn, continued to utilize the Wand of MM effectively and take out bandits at will. After a good fight Rogar healed up the unconcious H’gher and for their troubles they found another potion of CLWs and 2 more MW handaxes.

The party now just has to head back to Oleg’s to collect thier reward for solving the bandit problem and guide Jhod back to the Shrine of Erastil.

Oh, and everyone gets experience to get to level 3.



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