Jhod Kavken


Jhod Kavken’s Arrival: He arrived a couple days after Kesten Garess arrives at the Trading Post. This is a priest of Erastil named Jhod Kavken.

Jhod traveled from his home in Galt up the Sellen and into Numeria. From there, his wanderings eventually brought him east into Brevoy, where he had a particularly vivid dream about an
overgrown temple of Erastil guarded by a huge, angry bear. Upon waking from the dream, Jhod felt an irresistible tug to the south, and realized that Erastil had given him a chance to redeem himself.

The tugging led Jhod to Oleg’s Trading Post, but there it stopped—and soon after he learned about
the PCs and their charter from Svetlana. Jhod has also heard rumors of “lost temples” to Erastil in the Stolen Lands, and the first time the PCs return to the trading post after his arrival, he tracks them down and asks them to keep an eye out for anything of that nature—particularly an old temple guarded by an angry bear.


Jhod Kavken

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