House Rules and Notes

Everyone should download (provided free by paizo) the Kingmakers Adventure guide. If you dont have access to it, i will provide it to BrianW and he can put it in a Dropbox account. Please read this guide as it has very important information to help you succeed.

Please note the following books can be used by the players , DM can use any books he or she wants to. Thanks for your co-operation.

Books we will be using Players Guide (aka core rule book) Advanced Players Guide Adventurer’s Armory Ultimate Combat Ultimate Magic Advanced Race Guide (all core options, Catfolk & Tengus, roll/pick age/weight) Kingmakers Player Guide Complete Treasury Character creation Character Classes: No Gunslinger or Psionisist. GOLD: choose 60% of max for class or choose to roll random amount AGE/WEIGHT – choose the any Age/Weight or roll random RACIAL TRAITS – take as many Racial traits listed in the APG as you want (traits that give one ability but remove another) ALTERNATE TRAITS – Take 1 Trait from any of the traits listed in the ‘spat books’ and 1 Trait from the Kingmakers Traits. ARCHETYPES – Take as many archetypes as you want ENCUMBRANCE – will be tracked (note if you don’t wear medium or hvy armor – this will really impact your skills, please ensure you adjust your skills on your sheet). Money weights nothing HP – 1st lvl – MAX HP, subsequent levels, if you roll a 1, reroll HP and take the 2nd roll. RACES: Catfolk and Tengus are available races for the Kingmaker Campaign. FEATS: No retaining or retraining of Feats unless it explicitly states you can STATS : Roll 4d6 x 6 times, if you don’t like – use the 28 point buy. Skill (& Changes): Taking 10 – Just means your being careful and there is no immediate danger or distraction. Taking 20 – Means you roll a 1,2,3,4,5,6….20. If there is something bad that happens when you roll low…. Rolling a 1 is just a 1. Rolling a 20 is just a 20. No automatic fail or success. Profession Checks : As part of Kingdom building (each month you will get 3x(Prof check) in GP Craft Checks : As part of Kingdom Building (each month you will get 3x (Craft check) in GP Combat Notes We will be using soft cover for ranged attacks and reach attacks. This is a +4 AC to Target. Spellcasters – Read your spells, they are not the same as 3.5 or 4th. There are lots of changes. There are lots of people which means there could be long delays is someone isn’t prepared. Be considerate – pay attention and be prepared for your turn. Diagonal movement/spell effects (indifferent) – I have done the 1 square = 5’. We can do the 2 square =15’ Full round spells – effect and all decisions occur at the end of casting (ie summon monster…) Rolling a 1 is an automatic miss/fail, Rolling a 20 is an automatic hit/success. Miscellaneous Material components – spells with component costs greater than 5 GP (ie Stoneskin @ 100gp) will just cost you the GP value when you cast it. You don’t need to track the expensive components. CHARACTER ADVANCEMENT : Medium Track Advancement, XP done on a nightly basis, LEVEL UP : @ game time nightly rest (i.e. you can pick your spells pre-rest, but you won’t get them till after a rest) VISION: Remember – Bulls eye lanterns are 60’ in 1 direction. Lanterns are 15’ in all. Low light sees double that, Regular vision only sees that. Will apply for night time and underground events.

Point buy
28 point buy, stats start @ 8
Stats 8-14 cost 1 point each
Stats 15-16 cost 2 points each
Stats 17-18 cost 3 points each

Please note, be aware that encumbrance will be an issue. Please make decisions regarding your character accordingly.

To get players more involved in the game and to slow down my personal growth of grey hair the following will be delegated:

Task will be
1) statistics. (reserved by MikeH)
2) dm screen
3) initiative
4) mapping
5) treasure. (probably will not be required as we will divy up after combat/ encounter)
6) calendar (age could become a factor
7) kingdom sheets (town/city) character sheets.

House Rules and Notes

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